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Our mission is to enhance the money raised for charities and non-profits through our Fundraising and Live Auction strategies. We provide passionate cause ambassadors to promote awareness and increase donations for our charity partners.

Mellisa Nielsen, Founder & President

Mellisa Nielsen has quickly become one of the most sought-after Benefit Auctioneers in the nation, having graduated from the Missouri Auction School after more than a decade of experience in fundraising, benefit planning and non-profit consulting.
A well-known creative and charismatic force in the philanthropy world, Ms. Nielsen is also the founder of the Charity Angels, a full-service event enhancement firm that has helped raise money and awareness for non-profits across the country since 2003.
The Charity Angels’ team of 40 has, to date, raised more than $90 million for charities including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Heart Foundation, FIDF, Cystic Fibrosis, and the Partnership for Public Schools.
The firm's effective and energetic business model has captured national and international attention from media outlets including Bloomberg Television, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, and many others. 
Now armed with her certification from the Missouri Auction School, which was hailed by Newsweek as the “Harvard of Live Auctioneering,” Ms. Nielsen is poised to escalate the fundraising efforts of charities across the world in a whole new way.


Ms. Nielsen is an active Board Member for the following organizations:

- The Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation, 2013-2015
- Healgrief, 2014-2015
- Scott Medlock & Robby Krieger Invitational to benefit St Judes, 2008-2015 Advisory Committee
- Healthy Tots Foundation, 2015 Advisory Committee

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